Children We Sponsor.

Cheerful Hearts Foundation (CHF) currently sponsors a total of 51 children (as of December 2012) in the communities of Fetteh, Nyanyano and Senya Beraku.  Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the number of children we are able to assist has increased, but is still less than our target number of 100 children rescued from child labour and trafficking. Below are the descriptions of two children we sponsor and examples of experiences that most trafficked or labouring children go through.

Children we Sponsor:


The new focus on trafficking within the CHF Child Labour & Trafficking Project was inspired after an interview in Senya Bereku with a boy named Abraham.  When he was six years old his parents decided to ‘rent’ him into bonded labour for a small advance. Abraham was under the belief that he was just travelling

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Stephen is originally from Senya Beraku but is now living in Fetteh.  He’s not sure about his exact age or how long he had been working, but thinks he’s about 13, and had been working as long as he can remember.  When we met him, Stephen was fishing with his uncle on a boat in

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*Names have been changed for privacy.