Education Standards Project

Cheerful Hearts Foundation (CHF) provides teaching volunteer opportunities in partnership with the Ghana Education Service, Awutu Senya District and private schools within the community, placing volunteers in areas where their assistance is needed. A lack of properly trained teachers in many Ghanaian schools leads to a lack in motivation among students and a low standard

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Public Health: Education, Empowerment, and Assessment Project

Poor health outcomes are caused by and a cause of poverty in a vicious cycle seen in many developing countries.  Poverty causes poor health in that without proper resources, treatable diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and others contribute to disability and mortality.  Additionally, poor health further exacerbates the problems of poverty in that

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Stop Child Labour & Trafficking Project

The STOP CHILD LABOUR & TRAFFICKING PROJECT, launched in March 2011, has become the foremost project for Cheerful Hearts Foundation (CHF). Its mission is to combat the endemic problem of child labour and trafficking in the fishing communities of Fetteh, Nyanyano and Senya Beraku within the Central Region of Ghana through education, rehabilitation, and community

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