Cheerful Hearts Foundation (CHF) is a registered, grassroots, non-profit organisation focused on providing support to rural community development needs in the Awutu Senya District of Ghana.

Mission: Cheerful Hearts Foundation works to educate and empower rural citizens through human rights, public health and education initiatives so they can sustain an improved standard of living.

CHF focuses on three interconnected projects to achieve our vision of a more educated, healthy and prosperous citizenry:  Stop Child Labour & Trafficking project, Public Health: Education, Empowerment and Assessment project and Education Standards project. In addition, we organise custom ventures such as poultry and clean water projects when we locate an individual, family, or community in dire need of assistance.

Vision: By inspiring people to take small actions everyday to improve the well being of their community, we envision Ghana as a whole, without a separation between the rural poor and urban rich.

We predominantly research and manage projects as a hands-on team, with international interns and volunteers adding incredible value to the impact that we make in our communities.  Our foreign interns and volunteers gain a wide range of experiences and skills through their exposure to CHFs work in rural communities and schools.